The Ultrasounds rule!

26 11 2009

This was the first time i’ve seen the Ann Arbor band The Ultrasounds perform. It was awesome. They play with a ton of energy, and totally get into the music. It’s a guitarist, bassist/keyboardist, drummer. They just let loose, with a kind of indie rock, punk sort of style. Most of the tracks were originals with a couple covers thrown in for flavor. I recommend checking them out (I think they’ve got a show on Dec. 6th at the Elbow Room in Ypsilanti).

Also, Jon (DJ Spare Parts) followed the show with some sweet dance tunes, masterfully mixed. There will more coming from him.




2 responses

30 11 2009

agreed. Sooo much energy these folks.
they lit up the place. I do believe they
have new record out soon sel;f-released
and a few more shows before the New
Years gig. Gonna be a sick line-up with
them and American Migration Patterns
with a few more TBA. Maybe me, maybe you?

1 12 2009

let’s do it!

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