10 great songs that I discovered in 2009

31 12 2009
In response to Johanna’s post, I thought I’d put up 10 songs I really enjoyed this year. I don’t know which ones were actually released this year, hopefully at least a couple, but they’re all relatively recent discoveries for me. I also made sure not to post songs that I have already posted before here. Also, I arranged them so they get faster and more intense as you go down the list.
Bon Iver — Flume
Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able
Iron and Wine – Boy With A Coin
Daft punk – Make love
Pogo – Expialidocious
Phoenix – Lisztomania
Leon Jean-Marie – East End Blues
Metronomy – A Thing For Me
(Awesome video)
The Flashbulb – Autumn Insomnia Session
Data – Aerius Light

10 really good releases of 2009

30 12 2009

When it comes to music, this year was a good one. Of course it proved too hard to create a list with the 10 best tracks or albums released this year, but after leaving out bands already featured in the blog (like Gossip) and omitting video clips with crappy quality, these 10 artists and songs are the ones left. In the good old alphabetical order. I know 10 songs are a lot in one single post, but keep in mind that I started out with 30.

Deportees .

El Perro Del Mar .

Fever Ray .

Jenny Wilson .

Kent .

La Roux .

Magic Wands

Peaches .

Rubies .

Taken By Trees .

What are your favorite releases of 2009?

History Of House Music

28 12 2009

I’ve been watching a documentary on youtube about the history of house music. It’s pretty interesting. It starts in Chicago, with the emergence of house from disco, then it moves to Detroit and techno’s emergence. Then it looks into the eruption in the UK of electronic music. One of the artists they interview is Orbital, one of my favorites. Then it discusses ambient (e.g. Orb) and the adaptation of house beats to slower stuff. Then it talks about hardcore techno, which gained ground in the UK but not so much in the US. Then drum n bass (e.g. Goldie), which doesn’t just sample and speed up other tunes, but tweaks, loops, reverse loops and more, i.e. it gets more complicated. Then Leftfield, what they call England making house music its own.  Then the US again, and how djs are no longer just people who play records, but now they are people who make records. In general, I really enjoyed this documentary. It covered mostly stuff I didn’t know, especially the earlier stuff (i did skip a couple videos near the beginning, I’d recommend skipping to parts 6 or 7 if the earlier stuff is boring to you).

One thing I’m wondering is, how does French electronic music fit into this. Was it a separate world? They’ve got some great stuff, it’s hard to imagine they didn’t know each other. I imagine the documentarians just chose to focus mostly on the UK and US. And then it closes (part 15) with some unattributed Daft Punk! How can they play Daft Punk but not mention the French scene?! Or what about other countries? What has happened since 2001 (which is when I think the video was made)?

Also, how does breakcore and idm and similar genres relate to those discussed in this documentary? Is seems like it has to have emerged from the crazy beats documented here, but taken to a greater extreme. It’s hard to imagine, however, that breakcore is actually intended for clubs and dancing, so I’m guessing it’s a different world.

Here’s a variant of a track discussed in the video, that I think is pretty cool, a remix of Tori Amos. The cool stuff is especially between 1:20 and 3 minutes.

Professional Widow (Armand Van Helden’s Star Trunk Funkin’ mix)

History Of House Music

eL3kTR0 fUnKkk

28 12 2009

Having been a fan of Afrika Bambaataa since he married the two worlds of KRAFTWERK and Hip Hop in the 1980’s ( so what if I’m 31?), I figured I would post one of the slickest tracks I’ve heard this year.  This ginormous (ummm. . .  I make up words sometimes) piece of aluminum nitrate that made dancefloors drop to their knees in 2004 is not just a remake of synth-pop gold with vocals by none-other than Gary Numan himself, but contains fresh elements from multiple genres with phuture spitting by MC Chatterbox breaking nu ground in the Hip-Hop game. This track along with the rest of the album defines Afrikas abilities to transcend space and time while still being able to bring the funk with breaks producer Uberzone behind the wheel.

I included another favorite from producers Leftfield in the mid 90’s that Afrika collaborated with on a stomper with very nice vocoded vocals. Some folks just can’t pull those off very well but this one is top choice in my DJ box.

get it below…  and shake some booty.

Afrika Bambaataa – Metal

Afrika Bambaataa – Got That Vibe

Leftfield – Afrika Shox feat. Afrika Bambaataa

Air, the track that Mogi Grumbles sampled!!!

26 12 2009

Jon gave me a set done by Mogi Grumbles. I loved the way it started. Then I heard this Air song, and it sounded so much like that beginning. Check out what happens at the 2 minute mark of the Air track. Upon closer listening, it’s not exactly the same, but it is remarkably similar.

Air – Do The Joy

And here is the Mogi Grumbles set:

Mogi Grumbles Promo Live Promo Mix

Road trip favorites

26 12 2009

I just did a road trip from Michigan to NC, to Florida, to NC, to the NC coast, to Maryland and back to Michigan. In Maryland, my friend Maya made a mix CD to accompany my drive home (thanks maya!). I’ve decided to post my 3 favorites from the mix. I don’t have quite as much to say about them, other than that they’re fun songs. The notwist song has really awesome percussion, and actually the Mirah song does too, with a kind of agro clap smash thing that blends really well. Gossip starts with some guitar that reminds me of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, with the repetitive guitar; after that it’s quite different. Ok, happy holidays all!

Notwist: Pick up the phone

Gossip: Heavy Cross

Mirah: The Garden

what is that compressed drum sound?

26 12 2009

The sound of compressed drums, yes I said compressed drums is the sound of the nu phutur and has been making dancefloors the world over light on fire with no possibility of extinguishing anytime soon. More well-known collectives like Justice, Datarock, MSTRKRFT and Boys Noize are hip to the sound and know what make people scream , pumping out more and more aggro noize jams for the masses, but now the french folks have caught up with us and given us datA, Danger, Kavinsky and SebastiAn, the last two hailing from the Ed Banger crew. I will be spinning ALOT of these jams mixed with some older cuts on NYE and wanted to share these artists with all you wonderful folks before the clock strikes 2010. Keep an eye out for a full mix from that event available for download soon to go with the vibez, but until then, get some dangerous data now you dirty sebastian!

Danger – 11h30 DatA Remix

Danger – 88 88 Stage 3 The Club Danger Edit