1 12 2009

Discofresh, and… French?

It seems that Justice doesn’t rule the world with their iron fist from France. France rules the disco world and plays it like a game of Donkey Kong on LSD while Micheal Jackson looks on in disbelief, taking tickets at the gate of damnation. I wanted to share these tracks after the first post with Sebastien Tellier. His style has been getting me (and others, I might add!) on the dance-floor for a little over 6 months now and the remixes are all over the place. Indie dance/Nu -disco is the name of the game and shakin bootys is how we stay warm up here in Michigan (Americas high five).
So get some free, french, disco love below, and shake it you fool!



http://www.mediafire.com/file/iyqjmdmm2ho/Sebastien Tellier – Fingers Of Steel (Hypnolove Remix).mp3




3 responses

2 12 2009

why are the French so good at neoelectrodiscospacepop?

3 12 2009

because the language they speak sounds like they are wiping their a$$
with silk… and they know what’s good that hasn’t been done before.

3 12 2009

do you have a couple tracks from Justice you’d recommend? I only know the remixed “we are your friends” one, which is totally sick.

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