Deadmau5, Zelda, Flashbulb

5 12 2009

I’ve been getting into the music of Deadmau5 recently. Apparently he did a show in Detroit a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t know about it until too late. My favorite track so far is one called Faxing Berlin (Piano Version), a great mix of quiet beautiful piano and interesting electronic effects. It kind of reminds of The Flashbulb in how it juxtaposes beautiful lyricism with fun mixed electronica, although The Flashbulb is more intense with the breakcore beats craziness.

Also, check out the internet hit You Need a Ladder, an electronic take on the theme from The Legend of Zelda. I actually played it in the class I’m teaching as a way to, well, first wake up students at 8am, but then get into a discussion of attribution of sources. It’s a fun track. Enjoy!

Faxing Berlin (Piano Version)


You Need a Ladder


The original Deadmau5: Faxing Berlin

The Flashbulb: Passage D

A variant of it in a Dove commercial:




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