Daft Punk – Aerodynamic

6 12 2009

This song is awesome, one of my favorites by daft punk. Here are three different versions, the original and two interpretations. One remix is by The Twelves, probably the most amazing remix duo I have come across. They do some amazing stuff; a particular favorite of mine is a remix of an MIA song. I can post if there’s interest, it’s from the 30 minutes of Twelves track. The other version is a classical style version, with awesome orchestral instrumentation. The strings really make it come alive, and then the arpeggios in the piano have a feel of Philip Glass, and then the percussion (snare and timpani I think) give it some energy! I’m really impressed at this cross genre reinterpretation. I like to talk about how modern artists reinterpret classical themes, but this is a great example of how classical instrumentation can flesh out and enrich an already awesome electronic song. The sum is greater than the parts!


The Twelves Remix:





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