Elgar Cello Concerto and Venetian Snares Szamar Mada (Breakcore)

12 12 2009


First, take a listen to this first movement of the Elgar Cello Concerto. It is beautiful, rich with melody and living, emotional, romantic cello. A really stunning piece.

Now, you ask, what might a breakcore artist do with that melody? Well, you’re about to find out. The soaring cello establishes a baseline of grandeur and solid musical chops. But then the breakcore beats drop in and it just blows your mind. I mean, craziness. Mind-blowing. Craziness. This song is what got me onto the whole breakcore genre.

Venetian Snares:

There’s some craziness to start, then it adds some of the Elgar Concerto themes. Then it drops into some serious breakcore at 2:30. This is probably my favorite piece of the genre. It is seriously amazing. And check out the youtube video of it too, it is well done (except some versions have a noisy glitch in the middle, so don’t turn it up too high the first time you listen).





3 responses

12 12 2009

That was pretty cool!

13 12 2009
Alvita Lozano

This is wild…and fascinating…is it your mix?

13 12 2009

I didn’t make either of those tracks, I just put them together on the same page. A pretty crazy re-interpretation eh? The only thing posted that I’ve done is a mashup called Jetta (available in the box.net box on the right with songs).

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