Royksopp – What Else Is There (Trentemoller Remix)

14 12 2009

Oh my goodness, this track is awesome. I’m totally a huge fan of Royksopp, which started with Remind Me, that song from th Geico commercial where the caveman is passing through the airport on a moving walkway. It’s great. Then Johanna introduced me to the album Junior, and it is spectacular. And now I’m discovering more. For example:

It’s got so much energy. It’s got the vocals of Kerin Dreijer, which show up on a couple songs on Junior. Well, crank it up and enjoy. I wish I could see Jon’s face when he hears this for the first time.




3 responses

14 12 2009

Never heard the remix before, I think. I prefer the original, though this one makes me want to dance… which is a good thing.

17 12 2009

dance party!

6 02 2010
Trentemoller; chill, melodic, electronic « Muzikigan's Blog

[…] enjoying these two tracks by the Danish electronic artist Trentemoller (the guy who remixed a Royksopp song). They’re part of a playlist I’m making that i call ChillFaves. I’ve posted a few […]

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