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28 12 2009

Having been a fan of Afrika Bambaataa since he married the two worlds of KRAFTWERK and Hip Hop in the 1980’s ( so what if I’m 31?), I figured I would post one of the slickest tracks I’ve heard this year.  This ginormous (ummm. . .  I make up words sometimes) piece of aluminum nitrate that made dancefloors drop to their knees in 2004 is not just a remake of synth-pop gold with vocals by none-other than Gary Numan himself, but contains fresh elements from multiple genres with phuture spitting by MC Chatterbox breaking nu ground in the Hip-Hop game. This track along with the rest of the album defines Afrikas abilities to transcend space and time while still being able to bring the funk with breaks producer Uberzone behind the wheel.

I included another favorite from producers Leftfield in the mid 90’s that Afrika collaborated with on a stomper with very nice vocoded vocals. Some folks just can’t pull those off very well but this one is top choice in my DJ box.

get it below…  and shake some booty.

Afrika Bambaataa – Metal

Afrika Bambaataa – Got That Vibe

Leftfield – Afrika Shox feat. Afrika Bambaataa



One response

28 12 2009

does that qualify as compressed drum in the track Metal. I’m still unclear on what compressed drum is. But from what you’ve described, I know I like the sound.

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