10 great songs that I discovered in 2009

31 12 2009
In response to Johanna’s post, I thought I’d put up 10 songs I really enjoyed this year. I don’t know which ones were actually released this year, hopefully at least a couple, but they’re all relatively recent discoveries for me. I also made sure not to post songs that I have already posted before here. Also, I arranged them so they get faster and more intense as you go down the list.
Bon Iver — Flume
Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able
Iron and Wine – Boy With A Coin
Daft punk – Make love
Pogo – Expialidocious
Phoenix – Lisztomania
Leon Jean-Marie – East End Blues
Metronomy – A Thing For Me
(Awesome video)
The Flashbulb – Autumn Insomnia Session
Data – Aerius Light



7 responses

31 12 2009

Wow, I like your response! And I’m looking forward to listening through it. But first: New Years party! Happy New Year!

31 12 2009

yeah, it’s 6 hours ahead there! Well, have a fantastic new year’s eve! I hope you like the tunes : ).

31 12 2009

Yeah, Europe is always ahead of you. 😉 We’re slowly approaching midnight now.

2 01 2010

Haha, I had totally forgotten about that Metronomy video. A tall dude.

2 01 2010

yeah :). And now I’m resisting offering some linguistic analysis of their word play.

2 01 2010

why does the tall dude have to get hit in the nuts?

3 01 2010

Ha ha, analyze that! ;P

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