Bassnectar and Major Lazer

30 01 2010

In our meanderings online, Jon and I started looking up electronic artists coming to Detroit. It turns out a show in April will feature Bassnectar and Major Lazer toGETHER!!!!! That’s pretty sweet. I only know a couple from each, but they are sick sweet (check out Major Lazer’s Pon de Floor). Bassnectar has also done a remix of Fever Ray that is sweet. So they’re coming to Detroit in April, and I’m fixing to find a way to get there.

Meanwhile, below is a link to Bassnectar’s website, with a free mixtape he made. True to his name, there is a lot of bass, but it is also mixed in with cool samples (the nectar of the sweet goddess of melody, that’s cheesy I know). Not bad. Enjoy!

NB: also at the show is DJ Vadim of ninja tune records fame.




2 responses

7 02 2010
snoop lee

Love your blog. Just searched the bassnectar and major lazer show and thought it cool you had the same SHoCK as I did,, albeit a good/elated surprise, RE: the both together.

At any rate, it’d be cool swap blog roll call’s as well as keep up with your stuff.. I like what I see already. First track, Bulletproof is hot, gonna dload it. Oh, and btw, Im orig from Detroit and now relocating back there from SF, CA, and am going to be doing some events, parties etc. in Detroit and am always seeking affiliates and the like! Cheers!

Sincerely, Snoop Lee Iacocca &ME

13 04 2010

Glad you like what you see. How do you swap blog roll calls? it’d be cool to hear what’s going on, especially if we seem to like similar stuff. Welcome back to Michigan!

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