Solander – One More Shot

31 01 2010

This band from Malmö and Göteborg, Sweden, played live at a friend’s birthday party two years ago, and I really liked what I heard. Today, I realized that they released an album last year. I’ve been listening to it all day long on Spotify. Enjoy!



2 responses

31 01 2010

I have listened to it 6 times in row. That song is sensational. Oh my, I love it!!! I am definitely looking for more, I’ll try spotify and youtube…

31 01 2010

I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about Spotify for a long time now… but the thing is, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work in the U.S. At least it didn’t when i was there last summer, which was very frustrating…

Good thing you liked the track anyway, I kind of thought that you would. They have a couple of tracks out on myspace aswell:

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