21 03 2010

Mux Mool – Skulltaste

Brooklyn beat maker Mux Mool will be releasing his first LP Skulltaste, for Ann Arbor’s Ghostly soon. Having material on Moodgadget and the collaboration between Ghostly and Adult Swim entitled Ghostly Swim, this new material ends up somewhere between eclectic leftfield hip-hop, trashcan beats with weird beepbleeps and (this one is for you Joseph) full-on dance via Enceledus. Thanx to the folks at RCRD LBL, for a short time you can stream his beautiful debut in its entirety below, MMMmmm… delicious beats. I can’t wait for the proper release.

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6 responses

22 03 2010

I totally dig Encedalus. What a great mix of melodic blips, beeps, bass, percussion and everything. It’s totally great.

23 03 2010

Swell , my fav on this album as well!

22 03 2010

dude, the song skulltaste sounds a lot like Ratatat…

2 04 2010

major like. I’m actually totally loving Skulltaste. Dang! Like!

13 04 2010

Skulltaste is so cooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 04 2010

this one is consistent. solid release friends.

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