The Flashbulb – Black Lawn Finale

31 03 2010

I know I’ve written about The Flashbulb (Benn Jordan) before, and posted some of his stuff. It’s great. He did a show at the University of Michigan Museum of Art in the fall, it was pretty sweet. He’s a trained jazz guitarist, based out of Chicago. This song has had me captivated recently. Like some of his others that I like, it has a sweet simple melodic component, layered with out of your mind beats. But the whole thing is very composed, orchestrated. I loved how the percussive blips and beats are actually contoured so that they grow; they are are aggregated at different levels. Each individual beat is super fast, but they group together into units of different size. And I love the sort of baby squeal whistle type sound, I don’t know what it is but it gives it all a such an edge. Love it!




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31 03 2010

Methinks the baby scream may be an artifact of this:

31 03 2010

I see the connection, especially the “woo” part. Maybe he just took woo, sped it up for the high one, and then dropped the pitch for the lower ones. The sounds keep making me think of when you squeeze balloons and it gets that rubbery squeak.

1 04 2010

ha ha! rad post my friendly ones,
rad. Ian, glad your digging it!

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