Illictronix, Phoenix and Phonetics

30 04 2010

I’ve enjoyed reading this blog called The author’s last post discusses a little friendly competition to see what people can do with a set of 4 samples. He’ll listen and choose a winner. Let us know if anyone enters! The competition:

Oh, and another tune I’m enjoying right now, by Phoenix. For the linguists out there, note the place of articulation of the nasal in the lyric “Everything is everything” is alveolar instead of velar. It has become a predominant feature of the song for me. Does anyone know if this has anything to do with their being French?


Plaid, Double Figure (album)

23 04 2010

I’ve been hooked on this album by Plaid for the last couple weeks (coinciding with the first couple weeks I’ve had my new car (!), a 2003 Pontiac Vibe (!!), with a cd player (!!!)). They’re really great at, as a comment on the video below puts it, “moody electronic music.” It reminds me of Lusine but moodier, or Telepopmusik without vocals. It’s pretty sensational stuff. The second video is much more upbeat, IDM-style. It’s got crazy percussion, with a smooth driving synth and atmospheric pings. Somehow it just comes together. If I started making music, this is definitely a vein I’d like to try.

Plaid – Eyen

Plaid – Zala

Mux Mool – Skulltaste

13 04 2010

I know Jon posted about this album a month ago. But I just downloaded the whole album, I was just so hooked on this song. It’s my first ever online music purchase! It has a flair of Ratatat, and really a lot of the features of most music I like right now… electronic, synth, strong beat, usually interesting percussion. Wait for the 30 second mark, which is where it really kick in.


12 04 2010



experimental / avante garde / noise

Textures and atmospheres from one-half of the noisy/ambient camp Windy & Carl is one of the most brutal and aggressive releases I have heard all year. Entitled I HATE PEOPLE, Windy Weber’s newest recording is full of warm tones, beautiful distorted screeches and dark ambient voices drifting in and out of the listeners cerebral cortex. There is something unique and mysteriously provocative about drones and the ambience that comes crashing down with them.

There are two tracks here, each one at least 15-20 minutes in length. The first one, SIRENS, is the one that hasn’t left my platter since i cracked open the beautifully packaged gatefold sleeve. Looking similar to a peacock pressed on clear vinyl, one can tell this is also a work from someone who appreciates artwork and has a special admiration for design aesthetics. The first few minutes are warm ambient washes of mellow tones that slowly wrap around the head like a therapeutic blanket. Once you allow yourself to be taken in, it’s all over; for the distorted and dirty screeches that still remain to be beautiful and disturbing in the same right have you by their rusty clutches and won’t let you go.

On the flip is DESTROYED, and it truly does. A much more subtle and subdued listen, she starts us out with whispers and looped vocal treatments much like delicate chants and tribal particles fused with long breathing noises that flow into one another. Truly breathtaking and lovely. Together, I HATE PEOPLE takes someone to a cold, dark, foggy place that exists only between fantasy and that dimension that we allow ourselves to be a part of when honesty, hope, and grace just no longer exist, and the only thing we have left to hold onto and embrace, are pain and wonder.

Check out this and other releases from Stormy records.

see her montrous soul here.

audio iz better than text machines

8 04 2010


I am a text from the robot  program MUZIKIGAN, made to post about music and such other silly thingslike mp3 and wave format.I like all types of robot electro musics as well as synth-type pop musics like solvent and the new orders. Please help me by commenting on my posts so I can get to see my robot family again. They are so nice to me. They give mefresh plugs for my ports and put me to bed at the nighttime.  I wish I could go oUt dancing with my other robotic friends, maybe you will take me dancing one day and that would be nice.

Oh well, enjoy these beats that made it to my K()mpUter 1nterF4cE sist3m.

robot disco beats

Lusine – Two Dots

8 04 2010

Here’s another tune I’m digging. It’s from the Ann Arbor label Ghostly. Pay attention to the “ts” of the words “Two Dots.” I enjoy how it shows up after the fact. This feels like it’s hitting that niche of non-dancy electronic music. It’s really pleasant and soothing.


4 04 2010

Sometimes when I’m scouring the interwebs for nu musics or searching for yet another space to put up my mixes for folks to download, or just listen to to get it out in the wide world , I come across some shiny sites that need attention and love.  Some are slick little upstarts needing just the right attention from  folks like us. Others have plenty of funding and public support, but have mediocre music.  I’m going to take this post and roll with the ideas I’ve been thrown at lately and share them with you all.

First is Soundcloud. A slick little german site focusing on a community of Dj’s and producers all over the  world with all levels of skill. The best part about them is their ability to follow what working right now and rolling with it. For instance, you can create a free account, upload tracks of your music or mixes and connect it to your facebook profile to let folks know you also make awesome music along with your rad movie & music taste.

Next is PERCUSSION LAB. Started in Brooklyn by a collective of DJ’s and their production teams, these guys know what this scene has to offer and give you a taste of each and every genre out there. I have an account with both of these sites and enjoy them on a regular basis on various levels. I hope you all enjoy this post and the nu musics from my March charts.