Synthpop paradise: NightWaves- She’s Electric (Short Circuit Remix)

27 05 2010

I came across this synthpop group Nightwaves and listened to some of their music. My favorite song is the Short Circuit Remix of She’s Electric, see the link below:

And for download:

It has a pleasant but energetic low synth keeping the music moving. The clipping is really smooth. I think the best evidence it’s good is that I just keep listening to it again and again. Hope you like it!


Bass. Deep Techno. Tolga Fidan. Tiga.

23 05 2010
There’s a new tune I came across that is fun and has a sweet bass. The artist, Tolga Fidan, has been described as doing “deep techno”. To me, it’s a big mix of beats and bass and sounds, with a real good flow. But the thing that definitely got me most was that bass. By the way, it sounds way better with headphones or a good sound system (vs. laptop speakers).
Tolga Fidan – Venice
But if you really want bass to blast your pants off, there is really nothing quite like Tiga’s Mind Dimension 2. Get ready. Here it comes:
Tiga – Mind Dimension 2

Mixes, mixes, who’s got the button?

13 05 2010

I’ve had the greatest time being able to share some of my more exciting sets on percussionlab and soundcloud, two very well put together music platforms.

Recently I submitted one of these sets to a promoter for an interesting arts & music event coming up in Jackson, Michigan in July. It is my understanding that I will be playing ambient musics with fog as a backdrop. I am really excited for this opportunity and wanted to share the set with you all. So, without further ado,  ((( Ambient in April ))) and some others from earlier.    Indie Dance/NuDisco   –   Amps in Universally Hectic Areas

and the always destructive

android commandroid mx.

Stream, download and Enjoi.

JJ – Let Go

6 05 2010

JJ released a new album: JJ N˚ 3. It’s short but it’s smashing. and supersystem

6 05 2010

Like, pandora and others, has a feature that finds music you might like based on what you enter. But I found it worked better than the others, AND from what I can tell you can download any track you listen to for free. I was in the Electronic Charts Most Popular Downloads section, starting listening to one song and a whole series of others came up that were said to be similar. The ones I recognized were great, and the ones I didn’t were good too.

One I came upon is Supersystem’s Born Into The World:

It’s just really catchy. It feels like an electronic song with indie elements, mostly in the vocals. I like it, hope you do too.