Robyn – Dancing On My Own (Stockholm, Aug 27, 2010)

28 08 2010

I have been meaning to post this song since it was released this spring. Well, I have been meaning to post a lot of songs. Anyway, yesterday Robyn performed live here in Stockholm. She did a great show, as did Belle and Sebastian earlier in the evening. Yeah, there is a pop festival in town this weekend. Tonight: Hot Chip, Neon Indian, Hurts, and The Magic Numbers.

Four years after releasing her last album, this year Robyn is releasing no less than three different albums. This song is from the first one, Body Talk Pt.1. The second 2010 release date is in September, and the third one in December. Probably, I will only tell you this once.


Michael Hedges, guitar can do that?

8 08 2010

I just got a bunch of old sheet music and music books from my folks as they were cleaning out some stuff, and included in that pile was a book about the guitar genius named Michael Hedges. It has prompted me to revisit a couple of his sensuous, virtuosic classics. They are really creative, with alternate tunings for just about every song, and such a rich set of melody, harmony, rhythm, tone and silence. He uses it all. I’m so happy I got to see him perform live. I was living in Belgium years ago when I heard he died; it was terrible.  But his music lives on!

Ritual Dance

Funky Avocado


3 08 2010

I had the pleasure of playing at this festival combining art and music together

and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever played… so far. It

also was a 10am set, so very chill with some low bass hits, hearbeat thumps, samples

galore and of course various ambient soundscapes. I was so excited to bring the ole’

reel to reel out for this as it was an introduction of the digital technologies (I mostly

use a DJ Controller)

with old-school analog. I was fortunate enough to record my set  and wanted to

share it with everyone here.

spareparts – live @ The Land Of Nod Experiment 07.25.2010

Movements of Happiness

1 08 2010

Jon has posted a few of his sets from percussionlab on the blog earlier ( I thought I’d try my hand at playing and recording a dj set. It comes in at just under an hour, with a mix of dancy stuff, electro-indie and other related joyous musical nuggets.

Take On Me (The Twelves Remix) A-Ha
Say Aha Santogold
My Delirium (Walter Sobcek Remix) Ladyhawke
Shake This Mystery Machine
Skulltaste Mux Mool
Twerk That Driver A-Trak
I Can See It In Your Face Pretty Lights
Seven (Martyn’s Seventh Mix) Fever Ray
She’s Electric (Short Circuit Remix) NightWaves
We Are Your Friends (Something Wrong Bass Remix) Justice
Happy House The Juan MacLean
Venus Rising Pacific!
Desperate Measures Millionyoung
Twilight (Jeff Samuel Remix) Lusine