Justin K. Broadrick/Pale Sketcher/Jesu/Godflesh

27 02 2011

Just finished listening to this mix and wanted to share it with you all. A blend of electronic ambient sounds and sculptures from the past mixed with a few rare treats for the archive-type folks like myself, I think there’s something for everyone here.


New Track

26 02 2011

Still using my standby DAW Reaper, I’ve been exploring some of the sound packages available from Native Instruments. I’ve also been trying with each new track to develop some sense of composition, transitions between themes, introduction and recapitulation and things like that. Fun sounds are cool, but turning fun sounds into a story, with arc, development and texture… that’s something I’d like to develop the ability to do more.

Meanwhile, philosophizing aside, here’s the new track, called New Waves (more available at SoundCloud).

New Waves