Justin K. Broadrick/Pale Sketcher/Jesu/Godflesh

27 02 2011

Just finished listening to this mix and wanted to share it with you all. A blend of electronic ambient sounds and sculptures from the past mixed with a few rare treats for the archive-type folks like myself, I think there’s something for everyone here.



3 08 2010

I had the pleasure of playing at this festival combining art and music together

and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever played… so far. It

also was a 10am set, so very chill with some low bass hits, hearbeat thumps, samples

galore and of course various ambient soundscapes. I was so excited to bring the ole’

reel to reel out for this as it was an introduction of the digital technologies (I mostly

use a DJ Controller)

with old-school analog. I was fortunate enough to record my set  and wanted to

share it with everyone here.

spareparts – live @ The Land Of Nod Experiment 07.25.2010