Serena’s New “Face”

4 04 2010

Ooooh, this makes the music-lovin’ part of me really happy. Serena-Maneesh recently released their second album “S-M 2: Abyss in B Minor” and I’m quite excited to get my hands on a copy. Yet to my embarrassment and disappointment I was not aware of their show in Detroit, which was a mere 3 days ago!

C’est la vie. I will console myself with this brand new song and video, which, at the risk of sounding overly intellectual, rules. “I Just Want To See Your Face” combines tension and beauty in that special way, an aesthetic that really must be traced to My Bloody Valentine’s “Isn’t Anything” period. There’s a sort of chaos and a feeling that maybe these guys don’t know what they’re doing and it’s all going to fall apart, but no! it keeps going, all intense-like, surprising you with little twists that reveal to you Heaven. Like their forebears My Bloody Valentine, S-M knows how to pull back that curtain. Or rather, tear a hole through it.


My Pet Bull Ion

2 04 2010

After hearing a clip of a Bullion remix of an Osborne track, I decided to investigate this heretofore unknown-to-me producer.  I discovered, with some amount of surprise at having been so in the dark, that way back in the distant year 2007 he had released a mixtape which fused samples from the Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds” box set (from both finished tracks and bonus tracks of various takes and studio chatter) with beats from the late, legendary producer Jay Dilla.

This track uses elements from one of my faves off Pet Sounds, “That’s Not Me”.  I love the Beach Boys’ atmospheric “oooh” background vocals, and I love that Capitol Records reverb.

That’s Not Dee

But you know what, you might as well download the whole thing, which can’t be any more illegal than the music itself:

The whole ball of wax