For the Yellow Barnstormers

12 03 2011

Joseph got new music toys (Native Instruments). And played with them. Saturday by MarkedFeatures


Dtrenz: music maker, Ann Arbor resident, electro-gadget connoisseur

21 06 2010

Recently, I’ve been playing with a keyboard synthesizer, MIDI, the music software Reaper, downloading instruments and effects (VSTs, VSTi’s, AUs) and trying out making my own stuff. A lot of why I’m even able to do it is that my neighbor was awesome enough to show me the ropes and get me started. He has some sweet toys and has made some of his own music, so I thought I’d post about it. He has a Soundcloud page where you can listen to and download a bunch of his music:

My favorite track is called dark dawn. I don’t know how to classify it exactly. I think Jon thought it was kind of like instrumental hip-hop. I really like how he assembles the sounds, making it rich, complex, but not overdone. Plus, I need to ask him how he got that crackly effect that starts the track. It is sweet!

I posted “dark dawn” in the box, or you can download/listen to it on his soundcloud site.

Synthpop paradise: NightWaves- She’s Electric (Short Circuit Remix)

27 05 2010

I came across this synthpop group Nightwaves and listened to some of their music. My favorite song is the Short Circuit Remix of She’s Electric, see the link below:

And for download:

It has a pleasant but energetic low synth keeping the music moving. The clipping is really smooth. I think the best evidence it’s good is that I just keep listening to it again and again. Hope you like it!

Bass. Deep Techno. Tolga Fidan. Tiga.

23 05 2010
There’s a new tune I came across that is fun and has a sweet bass. The artist, Tolga Fidan, has been described as doing “deep techno”. To me, it’s a big mix of beats and bass and sounds, with a real good flow. But the thing that definitely got me most was that bass. By the way, it sounds way better with headphones or a good sound system (vs. laptop speakers).
Tolga Fidan – Venice
But if you really want bass to blast your pants off, there is really nothing quite like Tiga’s Mind Dimension 2. Get ready. Here it comes:
Tiga – Mind Dimension 2

Plaid, Double Figure (album)

23 04 2010

I’ve been hooked on this album by Plaid for the last couple weeks (coinciding with the first couple weeks I’ve had my new car (!), a 2003 Pontiac Vibe (!!), with a cd player (!!!)). They’re really great at, as a comment on the video below puts it, “moody electronic music.” It reminds me of Lusine but moodier, or Telepopmusik without vocals. It’s pretty sensational stuff. The second video is much more upbeat, IDM-style. It’s got crazy percussion, with a smooth driving synth and atmospheric pings. Somehow it just comes together. If I started making music, this is definitely a vein I’d like to try.

Plaid – Eyen

Plaid – Zala

audio iz better than text machines

8 04 2010


I am a text from the robot  program MUZIKIGAN, made to post about music and such other silly thingslike mp3 and wave format.I like all types of robot electro musics as well as synth-type pop musics like solvent and the new orders. Please help me by commenting on my posts so I can get to see my robot family again. They are so nice to me. They give mefresh plugs for my ports and put me to bed at the nighttime.  I wish I could go oUt dancing with my other robotic friends, maybe you will take me dancing one day and that would be nice.

Oh well, enjoy these beats that made it to my K()mpUter 1nterF4cE sist3m.

robot disco beats


21 03 2010

Mux Mool – Skulltaste

Brooklyn beat maker Mux Mool will be releasing his first LP Skulltaste, for Ann Arbor’s Ghostly soon. Having material on Moodgadget and the collaboration between Ghostly and Adult Swim entitled Ghostly Swim, this new material ends up somewhere between eclectic leftfield hip-hop, trashcan beats with weird beepbleeps and (this one is for you Joseph) full-on dance via Enceledus. Thanx to the folks at RCRD LBL, for a short time you can stream his beautiful debut in its entirety below, MMMmmm… delicious beats. I can’t wait for the proper release.

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