5 10 2010

I decided that my music knowledge needed a refresher and enrolled in a few audio/music applications courses. For one of the classes, I get a radio spot on an internet radio station. I have had radio shows in the past but this time I want to focus on modern electronic sound and the various subgenres within the spectrum of this thing we call dance music or techno.  I recorded my first show and posted it on the WCC’s Orchard Radio Facebook.

Here’s the first show sans the announcements.



Mixes, mixes, who’s got the button?

13 05 2010

I’ve had the greatest time being able to share some of my more exciting sets on percussionlab and soundcloud, two very well put together music platforms.

Recently I submitted one of these sets to a promoter for an interesting arts & music event coming up in Jackson, Michigan in July. It is my understanding that I will be playing ambient musics with fog as a backdrop. I am really excited for this opportunity and wanted to share the set with you all. So, without further ado,  ((( Ambient in April ))) and some others from earlier.    Indie Dance/NuDisco   –   Amps in Universally Hectic Areas

and the always destructive

android commandroid mx.

Stream, download and Enjoi.

FAST FORWARD to TWENTY-TEN: dancefloor of the future

22 03 2010

The gig for this years New Years  Eve was hands down, one of the best times I have played music for people…  period. There was so much energy and all of my favorite folks were on the floor making magic like they do in the Michigan.

I could post some of the music from that night like other blogs do, but I think it would be easier to calculate the vibe if I left a mix up for download that has the same spirit, the same energy, the same rhythm and flow that so easily captivated the mess of bodies on the floor at the Heidelberg some nights ago.

So there are  few spots that I missed but overall it’s a quality taste of what we have been shaking our bootys to lately.

So here is that thing and I hope you all enjoy what I played.

Thanx to Joseph, Alex, Brendan, Robin, Amanda and anyone else that moved to those beats on that night.

italo-smut, freshwave, and disco neuveau mixed with a little indie-funk danse macabre.

get some.

NYE Mix: uploaded by ROY G BIV