Metric – Blindness

22 01 2011

This song is pretty great. It reminds of Broder Daniel but more polished, with a driving earnestness but a smooth, pop song finish.

Advertisements and supersystem

6 05 2010

Like, pandora and others, has a feature that finds music you might like based on what you enter. But I found it worked better than the others, AND from what I can tell you can download any track you listen to for free. I was in the Electronic Charts Most Popular Downloads section, starting listening to one song and a whole series of others came up that were said to be similar. The ones I recognized were great, and the ones I didn’t were good too.

One I came upon is Supersystem’s Born Into The World:

It’s just really catchy. It feels like an electronic song with indie elements, mostly in the vocals. I like it, hope you do too.