11 07 2010

Jeff McIlwain from Seattle has been in the electronic scene for some time now having recorded output on multiple labels such as Hymen, U-Cover, Mute, !K7, Kompakt, Asthmatic Kitty, and Shitkatapult. He has been recording under the guise Lusine for Ghostly International since his 2004 release Serial Hodgepodge. Recently he released a phenomenal album titled A CERTAIN DISTANCE with the first single, TWO DOTS that Joseph posted earlier on in the year. I also was him lucky to hear him drop it @ the BEATPORT Stage last year at the MOVEMENT festival in Detroit after Kate Simko‘s un believable set of minimal/click techno.

Well, it’s time for more from this producer and this one is as diverse as ever!
You can be sure that many other producers will want their paws on his output
in the years to come. I would watch this guy for more great material if I were you.

Lusine – Twilight


Plaid, Double Figure (album)

23 04 2010

I’ve been hooked on this album by Plaid for the last couple weeks (coinciding with the first couple weeks I’ve had my new car (!), a 2003 Pontiac Vibe (!!), with a cd player (!!!)). They’re really great at, as a comment on the video below puts it, “moody electronic music.” It reminds me of Lusine but moodier, or Telepopmusik without vocals. It’s pretty sensational stuff. The second video is much more upbeat, IDM-style. It’s got crazy percussion, with a smooth driving synth and atmospheric pings. Somehow it just comes together. If I started making music, this is definitely a vein I’d like to try.

Plaid – Eyen

Plaid – Zala

Lusine – Two Dots

8 04 2010

Here’s another tune I’m digging. It’s from the Ann Arbor label Ghostly. Pay attention to the “ts” of the words “Two Dots.” I enjoy how it shows up after the fact. This feels like it’s hitting that niche of non-dancy electronic music. It’s really pleasant and soothing.