Break It Regina and KeybOARD Live

16 04 2011

Here are two tracks I’ve played around making. The first is a composition sampling from Regina Spektor’s first album. The second is a live take from Reaper using Native Instruments’ Kontakt 4 (my new toy).

Break It Regina

KeybOARD Live


For the Yellow Barnstormers

12 03 2011

Joseph got new music toys (Native Instruments). And played with them. Saturday by MarkedFeatures

New Track

26 02 2011

Still using my standby DAW Reaper, I’ve been exploring some of the sound packages available from Native Instruments. I’ve also been trying with each new track to develop some sense of composition, transitions between themes, introduction and recapitulation and things like that. Fun sounds are cool, but turning fun sounds into a story, with arc, development and texture… that’s something I’d like to develop the ability to do more.

Meanwhile, philosophizing aside, here’s the new track, called New Waves (more available at SoundCloud).

New Waves