Michael Hedges, guitar can do that?

8 08 2010

I just got a bunch of old sheet music and music books from my folks as they were cleaning out some stuff, and included in that pile was a book about the guitar genius named Michael Hedges. It has prompted me to revisit a couple of his sensuous, virtuosic classics. They are really creative, with alternate tunings for just about every song, and such a rich set of melody, harmony, rhythm, tone and silence. He uses it all. I’m so happy I got to see him perform live. I was living in Belgium years ago when I heard he died; it was terrible.  But his music lives on!

Ritual Dance


Funky Avocado



Kwoon – I lived on the Moon

13 07 2010

My friend Jason introduced me to this song. He’s really into the post-rock genre, and it definitely has that flavor. It’s a slow, growing, ethereal song. And it’s really good. And the band is French. And the video is absolutely amazing. I’m going to look into them more. Enjoy.

Abigail Stauffer

23 03 2010

A video made by local Ann Arbor musician Abigail Stauffer, part of an effort to get to perform with Ingrid Michaelson. Abbie’s good at the singer-songwriter style, I’ve seen her play around town a couple times. It seems she’s starting to get a following too! I know she opened not long ago for the Ragbirds too. Check it!

30 11 2009

Christmas Present: NINTENDO 64?

We all remember the time when our parents surprised the hell out of us with that special gift on Christmas day don’t we? Well this vid captures those moments and remixes them with some slick beats and old-school 8-bit sounds for some added flavor. If you’ve remember getting something like this on Christmas, let us know in the comments.