Amon Tobin and Funkstörung Use a Similar Beat

29 10 2010

I’m playing around with some tunes I might play at Crazy Wisdom next Thursday (8:30-10:30), and discovered an eery similarity in the drum beat in these two. I don’t know if there is some sampling going on or if it’s just a strangely similar beat. I totally dig the slow drive, although after a few listens I have to mix it up with something different.

Amon Tobin – Proper Hoodidge

Funkstörung – Try Dried Frogs


shit robot feat. alexis taylor – losing my patience

19 10 2010

I love this collaboration. Shit Robot goes Hot Chip.

Rent is too damn high party

19 10 2010

Well, if you haven’t seen it already:

Jimmy McMillan was amazing at the NY gubernatorial debate. But what caught me by surprise (and why I’m posting to the blog here) is the song that plays at his website . It’s so catchy. I’ve posted it for download here:

Wow. Also, make sure you watch all three videos at the Gawker link.

Wah Ah – I made this.

17 10 2010

Here is my latest track. In this one, I start with some simpler more ethereal sounds, wobbly organ in Bminor chord structure and then get into my first breakcore style snare beat towards the end. This is so much fun. If I had to choose an inspiration or the kind of track I have in the back of my mind, it’d probably be Szamar Mada by Venetian Snares. I love the mix of beautiful cello and crazy beats in that.

I called it Wah Ah because one of the sounds I was playing with sounded like Wah Ah. That’s it.

I hope you like it!


5 10 2010

I decided that my music knowledge needed a refresher and enrolled in a few audio/music applications courses. For one of the classes, I get a radio spot on an internet radio station. I have had radio shows in the past but this time I want to focus on modern electronic sound and the various subgenres within the spectrum of this thing we call dance music or techno.  I recorded my first show and posted it on the WCC’s Orchard Radio Facebook.

Here’s the first show sans the announcements.

Jonathan Johansson – Aldrig ensam

3 10 2010

I can’t seem to get enough of this one.